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Bailey Brothers Collision Repair
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The Professionals at Bailey Brothers Collision Repair

  • Herby Fessler, Owner Manager >>>>>

  • Sandy Clapp, Office Manager  >>>>>
  • Ronnie Ballard, Estimator  >>>>>
  • Vance Meissen, Color Technician  >>>>>
  • Joey Butner, Metal Technician  >>>>>
  • Jareme Varner, Parts Expediter  >>>>>
  • Brennen Neal, Metal Technician  >>>>>
  • Levi Vansickle
  • Garrett Hedrick

Herby Fessler, Owner Manager

Like the Bailey brothers, Herby Fessler has built a career in the automotive industry. In 1977, Herby started to work in an automotive service center and continued in that businesses until 1993 when he changed jobs and began work in the body shop of a collision repair center. In 2000, when the Bailey brothers purchased the collision repair center in Brookfield, they tapped Herby to become the Shop Manager.

In January 2017, Herby purchased the company from the Bailey brothers.  He continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of Bailey Brothers Collision Repair as an active owner-manager.  Herby, a past member of I-CAR, is active in the community and represents the business at the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife, Billie Jo, live in Brookfield, where they raised five children.


Customer Support and Service Technicians

Sandy Clapp, Office Manager
Before joining Bailey Brothers Collision Repair, Sandy was a para-teacher for the Brookfield School District.  Sandy's duties at Bailey Brothers Collision Repair include coordinating communications with customers, insurance companies and suppliers.

Ronnie Ballard, Estimator
A graduate of the Grand River Vocational Technical School, Ronnie is an experienced estimator and trouble-shooter for collision repair services. Among his various duties at Bailey Brothers Collision Repair Center, Ronnie works with the insurance companies to see that all repair work is identified and reported correctly to the insurance companies.

Vance Meissen, Color Technician
Color matching requires a knowledge of the automotive paint industry, along with lots of insider secrets from the car manufacturer. Vance has the knowledge and years of experience to provide the 'just-off-the-showroom' finish to every truck and car that leaves Bailey Brothers Collision Repair.

Joey Butner, Metal Technician
They don't build cars like they use to! Joey knows this and keeps up to date with the latest trends in car building to be sure that every car being serviced at Bailey Brothers Collision Repair drives like new car when it leave the shop. Joey, a graduate of Grand River Vocational Technical School, has been with the company since 2000.

Jareme Varner, Parts Expediter
Superior customer service centers on having the right parts for each car available when they are needed and this is Jareme's focus. His attention to detail makes sure that parts are ordered correctly and placed in the body shop on schedule so your truck or car is finished on time.

Brennen Neal, Metal Technician
Following three years training at the Grand River Technical School, Brennen joins Bailey Brothers Collision Repair to begin his career under the watchful eyes of our experienced staff. New to the business, he is a 'local' that brings a commitment to the community and a willingness to put to work the latest techniques in collision repair he learned in school.



444 Myers Street | Brookfield, MO 64628