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Bailey Brother Collision Repair is proud to be a part of the north central Missouri community and takes pleasure in presenting this blog with tips for maintaining your vehicles, as well as community news and photo gallery celebrating the history and natural resources of north-central Missouri. Also, follow us on Facebook for our latest news, safety tips, and do-it-yourself advice, plus links to the history and natural resources of north-central Missouri.

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Monday, March 20 2017

Excerpted from Missouri Department of Natural Resources

The Spring 2017 issue of Missouri Resources magazine is available online with great stories on the history and natural resources of Missouri.

The Bald Knobs of Missouri by Summer Young

You can't visualize or even discuss Ozarks geology or topography without acknowledging the prominent rounded peaks that are visible from nearly every vantage point in southern Missouri. Some early inhabitants of the bald knobs were just as prominent. 

Building on Watershed Success Stories by Mary Culler

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' successful watershed initiative, Our Missouri Waters, was started nearly 5 years ago to evaluate and protect the 66 watersheds across our state. The North Fork Salt River Watershed in northeast Missouri proves that it takes committed citizens, landowners and local agencies to move the needle on such an ambitious but important effort.

Parks Preserve CCC Legacy by Tom Uhlenbrock

More than 75 years after President Roosevelt's New Deal in 1933, the Emergency Conservation Work Act created iconic beauty that endures yet today in Missouri state parks. The Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration made "parkitecture" a national symbol.

Missouri Resources magazine is published quarterly by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to inform readers about important natural resource issues and how they are being addressed. Missouri Resources is free to Missouri residents. Subscribe Today!

Explore Missouri - Traveling the Rock Island Spur by Hannah Campbell

Hikers, bikers, equestrian riders and lovers of Katy Trail State Park, now have an additional 47.5 miles to explore.

Top Spots - for Camping

While, many people enjoy getting away in an RV, a cabin or a lodge at a state park, others prefer to spend a night under the stars with fewer amenities.

Trails Highlight - Dell Rim Trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Ha Ha Tonka State Park is well known for both its unique history and the quality and number of its remarkable geological features. The park's Dell Rim Trail provides an opportunity for hikers to get a glimpse of both.

Download your copy of the Spring DNR Magazine

Helping the Monarch Butterfly by Andrea Balkenbush

The monarch is one of the most familiar butterflies in North America. The orange-and-black species is known for its annual, multi-generational migration from Mexico to as far north as Canada.

Plus reports from DNR Departments . . .

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  • Time Exposures - Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
  • Our Missouri Waters - Watershed Education Station
  • Focus on Fossils - Starfish
  • Did You Know? - Major Applicances are Banned from Landfills?

Content for this post excerpted from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources [Website]

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